Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Some more things that will help you choose the best design from all small home plans

Hi there, all of you looking at all these home plans and can't really decide what suits them most: would it be cottage house plan or a log cabin house? Two stories or maybe one story with a porch? Well, as I started in my previous post, here are some more tips to help you choose the house design that would later on become your dream house.

 List your requirement, but remember: no one's is perfect

These advice my mom gave me many years ago, when I asked her how can I find my princess to spend my life with. As years went by, I understood I can use this advice for other decisions in life as well. Looking for home plan, for example.There are two kinds of people – the first kind is looking for the best, and never satisfies for anything if he think he can get better. When he looks for car, and finds one that fits all his requirements, at the last minute before buying it he'll give up the car, thinking: "mmm…I can get a car just like it in $50 less, or – in that price I can get a much better car..". Well, there's never an end to its quest. These kind of people never find rest (and never get married..they always think they can find a much better spouse..) But I'm not this kind of person (Just ask my wife…). I know I should first list down my requirements and demands, what's important for me and what is just nice to have. Than I look at all candidates, ignore the ones that doesn't match my mandatory requirements, and from all the rest – pick the one I like the most. If you think a little, you'll see this process of choosing isn't appropriate only when looking for home plan but for other situations as well – even when you go to the supermarket to get some serials, for example. You should distinguish between your dream house to a perfect home. Your dream house is exactly what you're dreaming when you think about your home – all its features and characteristics. It's the home you want to live in for the rest of your life with your loved ones, or to be your vacation home. A perfect house – I don't think there is such can always find better.  So first list all your requirement from your dream house, look at the hundreds (and more) small home plans that fit them, sort them out, and finally take the one you and your family like the most – but don't wait for months until you'll find a better one – it just will make you regret later on for missing some great home plan, for missing time and money. 

 I won't let the sun go down on me

We all want the sun to light the living room, as well as the kitchen and where we eat our breakfast.  But no one promises you that placing the home plan into your lot would result in the sun lighting your rooms, rather than heating the wrong side of the house. Since you can't really change the sun location (You may try, though…), the designers can change the home plan orientation easily for you – reverse or rotate it. But you have to verify this before buying the home plans.

What type of small home plan are you looking?

As I mentioned before, there are many styles of small floor plans : first you have the small cottage house and the small log house or the cabin house, then you have the small country house and the small vacation home. And we haven’t talked even about very small house plans (or tiny home plans, as my young ones call it). Of course you can find small luxury home plans, small modern home plans and small guest house plans. What I want to say, is that you have to be familiar with all of this types, before selecting your specific design. Each type has its own virtues. You should consult your family, friends and acquainting, even visit some houses and feel them inside. Think, in which type do you feel home? Which type makes you that warm feeling? Of course, your budget plays a key role in selecting the style of your new house, and your lot location as well.  So you must take all factors: your budget, location, and your preferences, and select the best home plan that will turn to be your dream house. 

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