Saturday, January 26, 2008

Log cabin plans and small log homes

reliable log cabin plans

Handcrafted log cabin plans

Although they are usually built as a retreat home, many log homes and log cabin plans finally ends up as a residence home. Contemporary log home plans are made for modern day living, which makes them great choose as a permanent home for your family. I think of log homes as a modern house with a rustic look.Log home always reminds me the American pioneers, building their log houses from the forests that were so common in the old days. The handcrafted log house plan sure gives me a romantic feeling of home.

The first log houses were of the handcrafted style, which means that they weren't changed after they had been peeled. Since they require intensive fieldwork, today they are less popular than the milled style – logs that were processed and have the same size and appearance, which makes them more suitable for home building.

The logs are a great shelter from the cold, since they lock the heat inside them, which make them so popular in cold areas world wide.

As you’ll see, there many types of log cabin plans, but of course they all share some features:

Fireplace with a chimney – I like it more when it’s made from brick, but some like the stone version.
  • Very large kitchen and living rooms.
  • Wide back porch. Actually, it’s the first think that comes to my mind when someone says log house.
affordable small log homes

Log home plans come in a range of sizes – from as little as 500 square feet to more than 2000. Since you’re interested in small home plans, you’ll be happy to find all this home plans that suits you.

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