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Pay less for top quality patio furniture

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I consider patio furniture as one of my best investments. It has not only made my backyard the perfect place to relax after a long work day or passing a nice afternoon with my family on weekends, but also it turned my backyard from a boring place to a colorful stylish backyard. Another important fact that made it such a great investment, is buying my outdoor furniture during fall season. Not many people are aware of the fact that after summer, when fall starts, prices of garden and patio furniture are declining dramatically. The reason is quite obvious – furniture suppliers and companies must sell their inventory, before next spring starts. But since dining sets, tables, swings and all other kinds of outdoor furniture can serve you for years and even for life, fall is best time to get top quality garden and deck furniture and pay much less – check it yourself and notice the major discounts of all products, compared to the prices just a few weeks ago. For example, take Bellacor, which as one who buys furniture online, I can promise is one of the most friendlier websites, that offers access to more than half a million (!) products in one hand but can help you find exactly what you need very simply and fast, is offering now plenty of outdoor furniture products & accessories with discounts up to 33%! Since free shipping at bellacor is their second name and their website is so user friendly, no wonder many consider Bellacor as a great purchase experience. For more details, click here. There are many styles and materials of outdoor furniture, and you should get the one that match the d├ęcor of your house, your taste and budget the most. Of course, you should consider the size of your backyard when buying furniture. I listed here the outdoor furniture I recommend and personally own, as you can see in my backyard –

Wood patio furniture

As one of the most popular types, wood patio furniture can be found in many backyards across the nation. Wood patio chairs and tables can add so much beauty to your backyard; just pick the wood type that you prefer. Teak and cedar patio furniture are great choices due to their resistant and their natural style, making them blend into the scenery. Cedar chairs and tables are weather resistant and most suitable for indoor furniture as well. Teak is yet another great material for outdoor furniture, thanks to its long durability and the fact it requires on maintenance at all. Wood dining sets provide more than seating and eating place – they add style to your garden, making your visitors and guests feel so commutable, they would forget they're outside, far from their home.

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Just look at the L shaped coffee table, available at Bellacor now with a 14% discount (for a limited time...) and of course shipping & handling are free - this table adds so much character to any patio, that no wonder many claim a patio is considered empty without wood furniture.

Aluminum patio furniture

I consider my aluminum chairs and tables as the best patio furniture I've purchased over the years. No wonder it's so popular among many backyards and gardens – aluminum furniture is durable and very easy to care and even can be left outside. Since it's so lightweight, you can rearrange it according to the occasion – an evening cocktail party or a nice afternoon with your family and friends. There are to types of aluminum patio furniture –cast aluminum and wrought aluminum. Cast aluminum furniture is extremely durable, and very easy to maintain, especially when it comes with a powder coat finish. The powder coating not only makes the furniture UV resistible and protects it from being scratched, but also adds an amazing color to the furniture. The classic look of cast aluminum chairs and table can really make the difference from an ordinary backyard to a stylish patio. Wrought iron furniture is very easy to maintain, and cleaning it monthly with soapy water should do the job. Storing it in a dry place during the winter is recommended.

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