Sunday, January 13, 2008

Small home plans with great opportunities.

Many people prefer building small homes in order to save big money. And I’m not talking only about empty nesters. Since technology has advanced so much in the recent fifteen years, the space usage can be planned so efficiently that many families can really feel at home in their cottage or townhouse and thus save thousands of dollars. There are many types of small home designs, much of them I bet you’re familiar with. I summarized the different kinds and their characteristics so you can choose the right that matches your dream house the most: Beach house plans – it is the best place for you taking the weekend off and get some quality time alone or with your loved one, away from all the pressure and the stress of  city life. Many beach home owners consider it as a vacation gateway. Beach houses are usually one story homes although I’ve seen 3 stories beach houses as well. They are also referred as coastal houses, due to their location near the ocean or a lake. They usually raised above the sand, giving a breathtaking view of the beach or the lake nearby. Some design elements of beach house plans are borrowed from Mediterranean style home plans. Beach home plans usually offer features such as panoramic windows, balconies and plenty of outdoor living spaces to take advantage of the location by  the beach. The houses are built from materials that can withstand the salty air and the tides and winds. There are many kinds of beach house plans. I’m sure when you’ll look into them, you’ll finally find the one that will help you realize your dream beach house.

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