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English Cottage House Plans

charming English cottage house plans
Charming English cottage hous
Known for their charming style, English cottage houses have inspired larger and more elaborate house plans, without decreasing the cozy comfort that is identified with the cottage style. The English cottage house is famous for its picturesque storybook style. It is actually based on the rustic cottages of western England. Every one of us would like to spend the weekend in the country, away from the stress, smog and the noise of the city. Now imagine that your house is actually a vacation home – and this is the true meaning of leaving in a cottage house. Looking as hundreds of cottage house plans, I bet you'll find your dream house in one of them. Cottage home plans are great for vacation designs as well as permanent residency. English Cottage house plans are perfect not only for empty nesters but also for families with children. It's usually referred as a fairy tale home since it made the dream of so many Americans coming true. Although there are many of cottage home plans, you can find some common features among them, such as their exterior which typically boasts steep gables, and the hip roofs, with shingle, stone or stucco siding.

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