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Pergola plans and designs – build pergola and turn your garden into a paradise!

build pergola with pergola designs and plans
Pergola designs and plans
Same as arbors, pergola designs and plans can make your garden or patio from an ordinary one to something unique that would amaze your visitors and friends. Pergolas usually become the focal spot of your garden, attracts its visitors and many time you'll find yourself and your family enjoying the pergola after a long day for relaxing and spending some quality time together. Pergolas are great addition to your patio, garden or backyard, giving the garden environment a pleasant look and feel.

Building your pergola is quite easy and you can do it over the weekend. For less than $5 you can get instantly pergola plans in every size, with a step-by-step building instructions. Click here and by weekend you’ll have your pergola in your backyard.

Easily built with pergola designs and plans
pergola designs and plans
Attached or freestanding? Vinyl or wooden pergola? Things to think of before getting your pergola

First you should decided between attached pergola or freestanding, Attached pergolas considered more stable, but freestanding are great as well and should last for years to come. Another decision regarding your new pergolas is whether it would be made of wood natural timber or vinyl. The pergola should match the style and décor of your house – natural timber pergolas are more appropriate if your house is of traditional style, whereas wooden composite pergolas would fit better for modern houses, not to forget they cost less and need much less maintenance than timber pergolas. I also must admit that it's quite hard to distinguish between these two types. Vinyl pergolas are easier to maintain and are cheaper than wood – they lack the traditional look of timber or wood, but since you'll probably cover your pergola with plants, it doesn't really have to bother you. Remember – vinyl pergolas won't rust, and they last for life!

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This natural arbor pergola always impresses me as I walk through it on my yard or my friend's garden. Classic and elegant, it blends in naturally with your patio. The arbor is not only beautiful but also well protected from rain, snow and sun, which makes it a stunning outdoor décor. Installation is very easy thanks to its simple to follow instructions. Moreover, the wood comes from forests that are carefully managed for the next generations, so be sure you are protecting the environment. Last month I discovered you can get this natural arch garden arbor for almost half price (less than $100) - a great bargain, I must say!

Climbing plants make your pergola amazing!

Climbing parts will turn your pergola from a bare structure to unique and colorful addition to your garden! The number of color combination you can make is endless, which guarantee your pergola will be unique, make all your friends really amazed. And don't forget the great scent that your pergola would get. There are many species of climbing plants and shrubs you can choose for your pergola – like roses, clematis and grape vines. You should consider adding a trellis to your pergola in case the plants are heavy.

Remeber that pergolas and other landscape planning items can increase the value of your house in 10%! For more information, Click here.

Pergolas and other outdoor decorating items such as benches and tables can turn your garden to a place where you can spend wonderful time relaxing after work and on weekends with your family and friends. There are many astonishing yet not expensive items that can add so much elegance, interest and beauty to your garden, such as this happy gnome that his contribution to the patio is ten times its size, rain chain with its calming sound, and this elegant gazing ball with the amazing effect of its crystals. Try it and enjoy most unique evenings in your backyard.

Pergola kits can turn your patio into a real paradise. All items in the kit are cut and drilled precisely, so it's simple and easy to assemble your pergola, even if you have never built anything before. The kits are available in different sizes and shapes to match your landscape.

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