Monday, October 20, 2008

Pay less for top quality patio furniture

New Patio Furniture 011

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I consider patio furniture as one of my best investments. It has not only made my backyard the perfect place to relax after a long work day or passing a nice afternoon with my family on weekends, but also it turned my backyard from a boring place to a colorful stylish backyard. Another important fact that made it such a great investment, is buying my outdoor furniture during fall season. Not many people are aware of the fact that after summer, when fall starts, prices of garden and patio furniture are declining dramatically. The reason is quite obvious – furniture suppliers and companies must sell their inventory, before next spring starts. But since dining sets, tables, swings and all other kinds of outdoor furniture can serve you for years and even for life, fall is best time to get top quality garden and deck furniture and pay much less – check it yourself and notice the major discounts of all products, compared to the prices just a few weeks ago. For example, take Bellacor, which as one who buys furniture online, I can promise is one of the most friendlier websites, that offers access to more than half a million (!) products in one hand but can help you find exactly what you need very simply and fast, is offering now plenty of outdoor furniture products & accessories with discounts up to 33%! Since free shipping at bellacor is their second name and their website is so user friendly, no wonder many consider Bellacor as a great purchase experience. For more details, click here. There are many styles and materials of outdoor furniture, and you should get the one that match the décor of your house, your taste and budget the most. Of course, you should consider the size of your backyard when buying furniture. I listed here the outdoor furniture I recommend and personally own, as you can see in my backyard –

Wood patio furniture

As one of the most popular types, wood patio furniture can be found in many backyards across the nation. Wood patio chairs and tables can add so much beauty to your backyard; just pick the wood type that you prefer. Teak and cedar patio furniture are great choices due to their resistant and their natural style, making them blend into the scenery. Cedar chairs and tables are weather resistant and most suitable for indoor furniture as well. Teak is yet another great material for outdoor furniture, thanks to its long durability and the fact it requires on maintenance at all. Wood dining sets provide more than seating and eating place – they add style to your garden, making your visitors and guests feel so commutable, they would forget they're outside, far from their home.

[caption id="attachment_103" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="outdoor_and_patio_furniture"]outdoor_and_patio_furniture[/caption]

Just look at the L shaped coffee table, available at Bellacor now with a 14% discount (for a limited time...) and of course shipping & handling are free - this table adds so much character to any patio, that no wonder many claim a patio is considered empty without wood furniture.

Aluminum patio furniture

I consider my aluminum chairs and tables as the best patio furniture I've purchased over the years. No wonder it's so popular among many backyards and gardens – aluminum furniture is durable and very easy to care and even can be left outside. Since it's so lightweight, you can rearrange it according to the occasion – an evening cocktail party or a nice afternoon with your family and friends. There are to types of aluminum patio furniture –cast aluminum and wrought aluminum. Cast aluminum furniture is extremely durable, and very easy to maintain, especially when it comes with a powder coat finish. The powder coating not only makes the furniture UV resistible and protects it from being scratched, but also adds an amazing color to the furniture. The classic look of cast aluminum chairs and table can really make the difference from an ordinary backyard to a stylish patio. Wrought iron furniture is very easy to maintain, and cleaning it monthly with soapy water should do the job. Storing it in a dry place during the winter is recommended.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Increas the value of your home in 10% with landscap planning

The pergola I've built sure added style to my garden, but it's only one item of many that made my backyard so attractive, making my friends urge me to give my landscaping contractor name. Well, I did it all by myself. Pergola is of course a mandatory component if you want to make your patio unique, but there are more items you shouldn't forget: from waterfalls and ponds to beautiful walkways, there are many things that require only a few hours during the weekend and can add great curb appeal to your house. The problem is that it requires days, months and even years to get the landscaping ideas that fit your backyard best, and consequently increasing the value of your home in 10% - 20%, as I saw many times. Hiring landscaping contractor or architect cost thousands of dollars, and landscape design can cost you hundreds of dollars. Well, not any more. Since the Instant Landscaping Ideas was published, getting amazing landscaping designs is much easier and much less expensive – you can instantly download breath taking pictures ideas that fit your yard. The book, written by the famous landscape designer, Brian Benner, reveals the secrets to creating beautiful landscaping ideas. Brian Benner is a professional landscape designer, graduated from Temple's School of Landscape Architecture & Horticulture, where he received Faculty honor award in landscaping design. His impressive installation experience in building waterfall gardens and landscape planting installations, together with his long years as the owner of landscaping design company, are all expressed in this book that would save you thousands of dollars, but cost less than $15! The book reveals the Basic Landscape Principles that can get you TWICE the landscape you are paying for, as well as expert's insider Secrets on Building Waterfalls and Ponds. The book includes plenty of plans and ideas to make your backyard elegant and unique and increase your home's value.

Another great benefit of the book are different plans & pictures that are guaranteed to turn your boring backyard into an outdoor masterpiece, with techniques that will add creativity and uniqueness with minimum cost and would get the most from your investment. I wish I had this book a few years ago – it would have saved me thousands of dollars. The author is so convinced that YOU will benefit from your order of Instant Landscaping Ideas

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pergola plans and designs – build pergola and turn your garden into a paradise!

build pergola with pergola designs and plans
Pergola designs and plans
Same as arbors, pergola designs and plans can make your garden or patio from an ordinary one to something unique that would amaze your visitors and friends. Pergolas usually become the focal spot of your garden, attracts its visitors and many time you'll find yourself and your family enjoying the pergola after a long day for relaxing and spending some quality time together. Pergolas are great addition to your patio, garden or backyard, giving the garden environment a pleasant look and feel.

Building your pergola is quite easy and you can do it over the weekend. For less than $5 you can get instantly pergola plans in every size, with a step-by-step building instructions. Click here and by weekend you’ll have your pergola in your backyard.

Easily built with pergola designs and plans
pergola designs and plans
Attached or freestanding? Vinyl or wooden pergola? Things to think of before getting your pergola

First you should decided between attached pergola or freestanding, Attached pergolas considered more stable, but freestanding are great as well and should last for years to come. Another decision regarding your new pergolas is whether it would be made of wood natural timber or vinyl. The pergola should match the style and décor of your house – natural timber pergolas are more appropriate if your house is of traditional style, whereas wooden composite pergolas would fit better for modern houses, not to forget they cost less and need much less maintenance than timber pergolas. I also must admit that it's quite hard to distinguish between these two types. Vinyl pergolas are easier to maintain and are cheaper than wood – they lack the traditional look of timber or wood, but since you'll probably cover your pergola with plants, it doesn't really have to bother you. Remember – vinyl pergolas won't rust, and they last for life!

[caption id="attachment_145" align="alignright" width="400" caption="arbor designs and plans"]arbor plans and designs[/caption]
This natural arbor pergola always impresses me as I walk through it on my yard or my friend's garden. Classic and elegant, it blends in naturally with your patio. The arbor is not only beautiful but also well protected from rain, snow and sun, which makes it a stunning outdoor décor. Installation is very easy thanks to its simple to follow instructions. Moreover, the wood comes from forests that are carefully managed for the next generations, so be sure you are protecting the environment. Last month I discovered you can get this natural arch garden arbor for almost half price (less than $100) - a great bargain, I must say!

Climbing plants make your pergola amazing!

Climbing parts will turn your pergola from a bare structure to unique and colorful addition to your garden! The number of color combination you can make is endless, which guarantee your pergola will be unique, make all your friends really amazed. And don't forget the great scent that your pergola would get. There are many species of climbing plants and shrubs you can choose for your pergola – like roses, clematis and grape vines. You should consider adding a trellis to your pergola in case the plants are heavy.

Remeber that pergolas and other landscape planning items can increase the value of your house in 10%! For more information, Click here.

Pergolas and other outdoor decorating items such as benches and tables can turn your garden to a place where you can spend wonderful time relaxing after work and on weekends with your family and friends. There are many astonishing yet not expensive items that can add so much elegance, interest and beauty to your garden, such as this happy gnome that his contribution to the patio is ten times its size, rain chain with its calming sound, and this elegant gazing ball with the amazing effect of its crystals. Try it and enjoy most unique evenings in your backyard.

Pergola kits can turn your patio into a real paradise. All items in the kit are cut and drilled precisely, so it's simple and easy to assemble your pergola, even if you have never built anything before. The kits are available in different sizes and shapes to match your landscape.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Garden arbor is a great way to emphasize the virtues of your backyard or your garden

Garden arbor

Arbors come in many styles, colors and sizes – just pick one, and your garden miraculously would gain special spot that attract your visitors and friends.

Arbors are made of all kinds of materials from red cedar and vinyl to iron and even copper. In my following posts, I will examine the various types of arbors.

Garden arbor is a great way to emphasize the virtues of your backyard or your garden

Garden arbors are often used as the dramatic entrance to a garden. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, arbor can easily become the focal point of your garden, where your guests will gather and enjoy your garden. It's quite common growing vines, climbing roses and other plants on your arbor, taking advantage of unused vertical space in your garden.

Garden arbors are made from different materials –

Wooden arbors

The first that comes in my mind when someone mentions arbors is of course the good old red cedar arbor. Wooden arbor gives your garden a classic look and feel, since it's made of natural material. Painting the woods make them last for many years. For wood arbors starting from $125 and more arbors CLICK HERE>>

Vinyl arbors

I was first introduced to vinyl arbors, when I looked for an arbor for my son's new house. I knew he'd like an arbor, but I also knew he doesn't like spending time in garden maintenance, and I looked for something that would last for decades. Well, vinyl arbors are the answer – installing the, is very easy and fast, the have the look of a painted wood and don't ask for maintenance at all. Of course, they are much lighter that wooden and metal arbors. More vinyl arbors>>


Metal arbors

Like vinyl arbors, metal arbors are built to last as well. Made of iron, copper or coated steel, metal arbor will give your garden a unique style, perfect for growing climbing plants on them. Metal arbors are attractive and become more and more popular in backyards and gardens across the nation. Read more about Metal Arbors>>

Garden arbors come in many styles – from arched arbors to gable arbors, pergolas and more

Once I started learning more and more about building arbors, I figured out there are many styles, shapes and colors of arbors, and it could be quite confusing choosing one. Well, the most important thing to consider is of course the architecture of your home and garden – which arbor would fit it the most? Gated garden arbor , gated arbor or arched one? The arbor the compliments your garden is the arbor for your garden. The most popular arbor gardens are described here –

Arched garden arbors – also referred to as classic garden arbors. The arched arbors really give your garden the classic look, and often used as the entrance to garden.

Gothic arbors – As the name implies – arbors with a gothic look. Gothic arbors can give your garden unique look.

Garden arbors – not only for beauty

Garden arbors serve many time functional role beside being the focal point of your garden and make him unique. Arbors with bench or swing are quite common, letting you enjoy your arbor in more than just enjoy its beaty.

Arbors of all types and sizes can be found on Click Here, use promo code KC-6983 and save 15$ on any purchase over $150!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Get the facts before buying or selling a home

No matter if you want to build house from scratch, buy a house or sale your own house, you need a reliable estimation of the house in question. The problem is that an estimation of a property's fair market value prepared by a licensed professional who takes into consideration many items, including: recent sales of comparable properties, location, home size and physical condition, may cost anywhere from $250-$500.00 or higher and usually takes from 1-3 weeks to prepare. Well, no more. After researching the issue for some time (since I tried selling my previous cottage), I'm happy to introduce new way to estimate a residential property, which would save you money and time, and supply you a reliable valuation. It is called Electronic Appraiser, and the name says it all – all you have to do is enter the address of the house you want estimation for, and instantly you'll get online report in a well organized and easy to read format complete with color graphs and charts. And the cost? $4.95 to $29.95. This is a great value when you consider that a typical residential appraisal can cost between $250.00-$500.00. Electronic appraiser produces an automated valuation

through a continuously updated nationwide data store of billions of records, gathering specific data on the subject property and then estimate the value of that property in real time. Valuations are based on comparable sales data, a price and time comparison and a complex valuation engine. After using Electronic Appraiser several times for different types of houses I was interested in, I most certainly say that it returned the few bucks I invested in it, hundreds of times. For more information click here, and get instant Electronic Appraiser.