Saturday, April 26, 2008

Garden arbor is a great way to emphasize the virtues of your backyard or your garden

Garden arbor

Arbors come in many styles, colors and sizes – just pick one, and your garden miraculously would gain special spot that attract your visitors and friends.

Arbors are made of all kinds of materials from red cedar and vinyl to iron and even copper. In my following posts, I will examine the various types of arbors.

Garden arbor is a great way to emphasize the virtues of your backyard or your garden

Garden arbors are often used as the dramatic entrance to a garden. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, arbor can easily become the focal point of your garden, where your guests will gather and enjoy your garden. It's quite common growing vines, climbing roses and other plants on your arbor, taking advantage of unused vertical space in your garden.

Garden arbors are made from different materials –

Wooden arbors

The first that comes in my mind when someone mentions arbors is of course the good old red cedar arbor. Wooden arbor gives your garden a classic look and feel, since it's made of natural material. Painting the woods make them last for many years. For wood arbors starting from $125 and more arbors CLICK HERE>>

Vinyl arbors

I was first introduced to vinyl arbors, when I looked for an arbor for my son's new house. I knew he'd like an arbor, but I also knew he doesn't like spending time in garden maintenance, and I looked for something that would last for decades. Well, vinyl arbors are the answer – installing the, is very easy and fast, the have the look of a painted wood and don't ask for maintenance at all. Of course, they are much lighter that wooden and metal arbors. More vinyl arbors>>


Metal arbors

Like vinyl arbors, metal arbors are built to last as well. Made of iron, copper or coated steel, metal arbor will give your garden a unique style, perfect for growing climbing plants on them. Metal arbors are attractive and become more and more popular in backyards and gardens across the nation. Read more about Metal Arbors>>

Garden arbors come in many styles – from arched arbors to gable arbors, pergolas and more

Once I started learning more and more about building arbors, I figured out there are many styles, shapes and colors of arbors, and it could be quite confusing choosing one. Well, the most important thing to consider is of course the architecture of your home and garden – which arbor would fit it the most? Gated garden arbor , gated arbor or arched one? The arbor the compliments your garden is the arbor for your garden. The most popular arbor gardens are described here –

Arched garden arbors – also referred to as classic garden arbors. The arched arbors really give your garden the classic look, and often used as the entrance to garden.

Gothic arbors – As the name implies – arbors with a gothic look. Gothic arbors can give your garden unique look.

Garden arbors – not only for beauty

Garden arbors serve many time functional role beside being the focal point of your garden and make him unique. Arbors with bench or swing are quite common, letting you enjoy your arbor in more than just enjoy its beaty.

Arbors of all types and sizes can be found on Click Here, use promo code KC-6983 and save 15$ on any purchase over $150!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Get the facts before buying or selling a home

No matter if you want to build house from scratch, buy a house or sale your own house, you need a reliable estimation of the house in question. The problem is that an estimation of a property's fair market value prepared by a licensed professional who takes into consideration many items, including: recent sales of comparable properties, location, home size and physical condition, may cost anywhere from $250-$500.00 or higher and usually takes from 1-3 weeks to prepare. Well, no more. After researching the issue for some time (since I tried selling my previous cottage), I'm happy to introduce new way to estimate a residential property, which would save you money and time, and supply you a reliable valuation. It is called Electronic Appraiser, and the name says it all – all you have to do is enter the address of the house you want estimation for, and instantly you'll get online report in a well organized and easy to read format complete with color graphs and charts. And the cost? $4.95 to $29.95. This is a great value when you consider that a typical residential appraisal can cost between $250.00-$500.00. Electronic appraiser produces an automated valuation

through a continuously updated nationwide data store of billions of records, gathering specific data on the subject property and then estimate the value of that property in real time. Valuations are based on comparable sales data, a price and time comparison and a complex valuation engine. After using Electronic Appraiser several times for different types of houses I was interested in, I most certainly say that it returned the few bucks I invested in it, hundreds of times. For more information click here, and get instant Electronic Appraiser.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saving time and money with shed kits

If you don't have the time to build your shed, one great solution I most recommend is shed kits, which will save you a few hundreds dollars as well. One of the popular shed kits is the cedar shed kit, with its natural look of classic timber. The red cedar is known for its warm wood characteristics, beauty, durability and outstanding weather resistance. offers some great kits made of cedar, panelized for quick assembly, including floor, pre-shingled roof panels, pre-hung door and windows. Ready to use in just one afternoon. Free shipping and law price guarantee are promised, make it a great solution for anyone who is looking for a shed kit. Some kits are now on sale with discount of $200 - $300, at least for the upcoming week. For more information click here.

More about storage shed plans and barn plans

On my previous posts I talked about choosing the right shed plan for your yard. Another place you can start looking for your shed is shed plans, where you can find easy to read building plans, materials list, door & window framing details.

There are many things that caught my attention in this website (after investigating tens of similar sites), besides the variety of plans it suggests, starting from shed plans, gable roof plans and up to hip roof cabana plans and garage plans, its low prices - shed plans are priced less than $20, which is practically free, is its 100% back money guarantee, which makes your purchase risk free! After reading through so many sites, I must say that only the best of them, which really have confident with their product, can guarantee you that. Click here for more information.

Getting the shed plans that you need

As I described in my previous post, a garden shed is the ultimate solution for storage, when you feel you've collected too many stuff, scattered in your backyard, and it takes you hours finding your kids' bike. Since there are so many sites offering shed plans and shed deigns, how can you choose the shed designs that fit you the most? Well, since at the beginning you don't know exactly what type of garden shed you're going to build, and even if you know, it's importing getting to know some other shed plans, you should be looking for a package that consists of several design for you to choose. The plans should be very elaborated and documented, so even if you're not familiar to planning and constructing, you'll be able quite easily build your own garden shed. And this is the place to introduce you the software package Do-it-Yourself Project Planner: Sheds. This amazing and friendly software presents 16 fully designed sheds, allowing you to choose a shed and get your project underway quickly. The catalog includes many types of shed – with porches, workbenches & cabinets. All plans come of course with photos, illustrations and dimensioned plan views, helping you the plan that fit your garden or yard the most. The project planner also provides accurate material lists for all 16 projects, letting you spend your time constructing your new shed rather than calculating your materials!

Another surprising advantage of the project planner, besides its easy to use and all the documentation and details included, that enables you build your storage shed in easy and fast way, even if it's the first thing you build in your life, is its most affordable price! For less than $30 (yes, it's not a mistake), you get 16 fully designed sheds!

For more information regarding this great shed planning software click here. One of the main reasons deterring people from buying shed plans is lacking of possibility changing them. Well, this is absolutely not the case! Project Planner - Sheds allows you to customize your components, guaranteeing your shed has just the features you want.

I forgot mentioning the software comes with a free 400 pages eBook on building storage sheds, which wick be most helpful for you building your shed.

Garden shed plans and storage plans save you money and time

It was 8 years ago when I noticed that I just have too much staff than I know what to do with, and I now understand that it's quite common – my children toys that were left untouched, old bicycle no one rides any more, my Christmas decorating that 10 months a year sits in my backyard with no purpose, my pool tools and gardening equipment and other staff related to my kids hobbies. I knew I need a small shed to store all of this in a place where it will be protected from the rain in the winter and the summer sun, and where I can organize it all so it wouldn't take me hours finding a saw or a wrench when I need one… I had little knowledge regarding building sheds, so I started reading everything about it, and was quite happy finding that building a storage shed using shed plans is simple and really doesn't cost much. After building my garden shed I've discovered many other useful things for it, such as playroom for my kids and their friends, my wife's office and even a place to sleep. How to select the right storage shed for you and other tips regarding utility sheds are all will be discussed in my next post.