Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting the shed plans that you need

As I described in my previous post, a garden shed is the ultimate solution for storage, when you feel you've collected too many stuff, scattered in your backyard, and it takes you hours finding your kids' bike. Since there are so many sites offering shed plans and shed deigns, how can you choose the shed designs that fit you the most? Well, since at the beginning you don't know exactly what type of garden shed you're going to build, and even if you know, it's importing getting to know some other shed plans, you should be looking for a package that consists of several design for you to choose. The plans should be very elaborated and documented, so even if you're not familiar to planning and constructing, you'll be able quite easily build your own garden shed. And this is the place to introduce you the software package Do-it-Yourself Project Planner: Sheds. This amazing and friendly software presents 16 fully designed sheds, allowing you to choose a shed and get your project underway quickly. The catalog includes many types of shed – with porches, workbenches & cabinets. All plans come of course with photos, illustrations and dimensioned plan views, helping you the plan that fit your garden or yard the most. The project planner also provides accurate material lists for all 16 projects, letting you spend your time constructing your new shed rather than calculating your materials!

Another surprising advantage of the project planner, besides its easy to use and all the documentation and details included, that enables you build your storage shed in easy and fast way, even if it's the first thing you build in your life, is its most affordable price! For less than $30 (yes, it's not a mistake), you get 16 fully designed sheds!

For more information regarding this great shed planning software click here. One of the main reasons deterring people from buying shed plans is lacking of possibility changing them. Well, this is absolutely not the case! Project Planner - Sheds allows you to customize your components, guaranteeing your shed has just the features you want.

I forgot mentioning the software comes with a free 400 pages eBook on building storage sheds, which wick be most helpful for you building your shed.

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