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Garden arbor is a great way to emphasize the virtues of your backyard or your garden

Garden arbor

Arbors come in many styles, colors and sizes – just pick one, and your garden miraculously would gain special spot that attract your visitors and friends.

Arbors are made of all kinds of materials from red cedar and vinyl to iron and even copper. In my following posts, I will examine the various types of arbors.

Garden arbor is a great way to emphasize the virtues of your backyard or your garden

Garden arbors are often used as the dramatic entrance to a garden. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, arbor can easily become the focal point of your garden, where your guests will gather and enjoy your garden. It's quite common growing vines, climbing roses and other plants on your arbor, taking advantage of unused vertical space in your garden.

Garden arbors are made from different materials –

Wooden arbors

The first that comes in my mind when someone mentions arbors is of course the good old red cedar arbor. Wooden arbor gives your garden a classic look and feel, since it's made of natural material. Painting the woods make them last for many years. For wood arbors starting from $125 and more arbors CLICK HERE>>

Vinyl arbors

I was first introduced to vinyl arbors, when I looked for an arbor for my son's new house. I knew he'd like an arbor, but I also knew he doesn't like spending time in garden maintenance, and I looked for something that would last for decades. Well, vinyl arbors are the answer – installing the, is very easy and fast, the have the look of a painted wood and don't ask for maintenance at all. Of course, they are much lighter that wooden and metal arbors. More vinyl arbors>>


Metal arbors

Like vinyl arbors, metal arbors are built to last as well. Made of iron, copper or coated steel, metal arbor will give your garden a unique style, perfect for growing climbing plants on them. Metal arbors are attractive and become more and more popular in backyards and gardens across the nation. Read more about Metal Arbors>>

Garden arbors come in many styles – from arched arbors to gable arbors, pergolas and more

Once I started learning more and more about building arbors, I figured out there are many styles, shapes and colors of arbors, and it could be quite confusing choosing one. Well, the most important thing to consider is of course the architecture of your home and garden – which arbor would fit it the most? Gated garden arbor , gated arbor or arched one? The arbor the compliments your garden is the arbor for your garden. The most popular arbor gardens are described here –

Arched garden arbors – also referred to as classic garden arbors. The arched arbors really give your garden the classic look, and often used as the entrance to garden.

Gothic arbors – As the name implies – arbors with a gothic look. Gothic arbors can give your garden unique look.

Garden arbors – not only for beauty

Garden arbors serve many time functional role beside being the focal point of your garden and make him unique. Arbors with bench or swing are quite common, letting you enjoy your arbor in more than just enjoy its beaty.

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