Thursday, August 7, 2008

Increas the value of your home in 10% with landscap planning

The pergola I've built sure added style to my garden, but it's only one item of many that made my backyard so attractive, making my friends urge me to give my landscaping contractor name. Well, I did it all by myself. Pergola is of course a mandatory component if you want to make your patio unique, but there are more items you shouldn't forget: from waterfalls and ponds to beautiful walkways, there are many things that require only a few hours during the weekend and can add great curb appeal to your house. The problem is that it requires days, months and even years to get the landscaping ideas that fit your backyard best, and consequently increasing the value of your home in 10% - 20%, as I saw many times. Hiring landscaping contractor or architect cost thousands of dollars, and landscape design can cost you hundreds of dollars. Well, not any more. Since the Instant Landscaping Ideas was published, getting amazing landscaping designs is much easier and much less expensive – you can instantly download breath taking pictures ideas that fit your yard. The book, written by the famous landscape designer, Brian Benner, reveals the secrets to creating beautiful landscaping ideas. Brian Benner is a professional landscape designer, graduated from Temple's School of Landscape Architecture & Horticulture, where he received Faculty honor award in landscaping design. His impressive installation experience in building waterfall gardens and landscape planting installations, together with his long years as the owner of landscaping design company, are all expressed in this book that would save you thousands of dollars, but cost less than $15! The book reveals the Basic Landscape Principles that can get you TWICE the landscape you are paying for, as well as expert's insider Secrets on Building Waterfalls and Ponds. The book includes plenty of plans and ideas to make your backyard elegant and unique and increase your home's value.

Another great benefit of the book are different plans & pictures that are guaranteed to turn your boring backyard into an outdoor masterpiece, with techniques that will add creativity and uniqueness with minimum cost and would get the most from your investment. I wish I had this book a few years ago – it would have saved me thousands of dollars. The author is so convinced that YOU will benefit from your order of Instant Landscaping Ideas

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  1. Many people tend to focus on their home itself when they could be making their home look better and worth more by buetifying the surrounding landscape.