Thursday, January 31, 2008

From log cabin house plans to your dream house

Great log cabin house
Once you've decided that log cabin house will be your dream house, you need to choose home plan out of hundreds of house designs. Here I've gathered some useful advices for you, which I hope would save you time and money in your quest.

First, you have to make some basic decisions regarding your log home. Make sure you have answers for all these questions:

1. What's the size of your lot? How big your house can be?

2. How many bedrooms and stories you're planning for your new log home?

3. Get more information about flooring styles, interior wall and ceiling, so you can choose the kind that would suit you the most,

4. How much money can you spend?

What are the formats for log home floor plans? What kind of drawings are included?

Besides the familiar printed version, on blueprint paper, your log home design can also be purchased as cad plans, which are most useful if you're intending many changes for the original stock plan. This is an electronic version of the hose plan, which actual blueprint paper can be produced from very easily. There are many kinds of sheets that are need for building your dream log house:

There are many site with plenty of log cabin plans. One of my favorites is, where you can find dozens of cabin plans, shed, pergola & cottage plans for less than 25$ ! They give you 100% Money Back Guarantee for 8 full weeks, so you can buy with confidence. Another great site is, where dozens of log cabins are offered for less than 10$!

Exterior Elevations, Foundation Plan, Floor Plan, Section views, Roof Plan and Interior Details. I'll give more details about each sheet on my next post,with some other information about log home plans.

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  1. how easy is it to create a log addition to a conventional home? i've heard of building hybrid homes, but i haven't heard much about modifying a home to make it hybrid