Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cottage house plans

lovely cottage house plans
affordable cottage house plans
If you’re looking for a cozy house to be your dream house, cottage house plans an most likely fit. Your cottage house can be your gateway home.

When someone tells me he’s looking for a cottage home plan, my first question is “What kind of cottage home?”, since there isn’t one style for cottage houses. Although the English cottage house is the most popular among cottage houses, log cabins and bungalows are rather common as well.The architect and designers offices have years of experience in planning cottages homes, which results in some great home plans. The space is most efficiently used, and it gives you the feeling of a much bigger cozy house. Like most plans, you can customize cottage house plan according to your own taste – maybe adding a garage or a nice balcony.For many people, a cottage house is a storybook house with the enchanting English county style that includes romantic gardens and a fireplace. Many of them you can find as well.Although you can find many styles of cottage houses, they all steel have some characteristic in common:
  • Steep pitch roof with gable and shingle, stone or stucco siding.
  • One and a half stories with many interior design elements.
  • The exterior is rather decorative.
  • Cozy, cozy, cozy. Just another word for cottage home.
  • The house design is influenced by the local landscape.

There are hundreds on cottage house plans available online – just pick the one that reflects best your dream home. There's is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on cottage house plans. After checking several sites offering these plans, including of course visiting houses built with the plans, I can confidently say that the Cottage House Plans Site gives you the best value for your money. Not only you pay less than $20 for your cottage plan, you get a great plans with a full material list and most important - a step by step instruction guide, that is most helpful for anyone without any building experience. Believe me, I just watch my friend Joe, who never hold a hummer in his life, building a storage shed from this site over the weekend. Yes, you can find there shed plans, cabin plans, deck plans, barn plans and much more - off all sizes, just get the one you need, and instantly download it. You have nothing to loose - they believe in their product so much, you can get refund in 60 days if you're not happy with it. I can't blame them - their plans are so easy to built and address a variety of needs, that there's no chance you'll ask your money back. Anyway, you can rest assured you'll get refund if you wish to.

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