Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mortgage cycling – build your dream house without changing your mortgage

No matter which house you'll build – storybook house, English cottage home, log cabin home or a Bungalow house – they all have something in common: they'll all require substantial funding, or in other words – mortgage. Now imagine having an extra $40,000 to put down on your dream house or an investment property. Imagine you could build your new dream house in a few years without changing your current mortgage.

Well, you don't have to imagine – the way for realizing your real estate dreams resided in mortgage cycling. I was quite skeptic when I first heard that concept and its allegedly benefits. But believe me, all my hesitations started disappearing once I read

Mortgage Cycling Revealed by the senior mortgage analyst Craig Romero. Romero, a famous author of loans related books, helped thousands of families pay off their mortgage debt early., introduces in his book A New Mortgage
Loophole That Will Quickly Build Your Home Equity and
Effectively Reduce Your Mortgage. I used the method of mortgage cycling when paying off the mortgage I took for my cottage house, and it worked just the way it's described in the book, and in less than 10 years, the mortgage was nothing more than history. If you want to
Discover The New Mortgage Super Loophole That Blows Bi-weekly Plans Out Of The Water. Click Here


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  2. [...] On my next posts, I’ll explain how you can build your English cottage house without changing your current mortgage [...]

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