Monday, February 4, 2008

Small home plans

Before we start talking about designs, floor plans and bedrooms and other small home plans related terms that will be discussed in my blog, let’s make sure we all refer the same thing. As you all surely know, small house plans (or small home designs – it’s the same) are blueprint designs of small houses. Well, it’s quite obvious and no one can argue that.  Less clear are the following common questions:

  •  How much is small?

There are several definitions to small. But most people in the construction industry would say that a house under 1600 square feet is considered small. And after looking into hundreds of plans, I can tell you that many of the small houses are even below 1000 square feet, and there even tiny house plans with square footage of less than 800.

  • What kinds of small homes are there?

Today, due to their popularity, when one says small home, you’re no longer can be sure what kind of a house he means – cottage house or a log cabin? He’s into European style or maybe he prefers the traditional one? A bungalow with one story or perhaps townhouse with 2 or 3 stories? There are plenty of small houses that fall into these categories, and it’s important you’ll be familiar with them before examining small house plans and choosing one.

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