Monday, February 4, 2008

Stock small home plans save you money and time

Probably you will build only one house in your life. I’m sure you’ll put most of your time, money and knowledge into it. Naturally, if you can reduce your costs you’ll be more than happy, and if you can do it without compromising your requirements and needs – you can really be satisfied. Buying stock home plans is a good example of it, and you’ll be quite surprise how popular it is. Many of the houses you enjoy looking at (and sometimes even jealous of their owners…) were designed using stock house plans. And you’re not the first one to wonder about that and to ask yourself why you should purchase them - That is exactly what I did a few years ago when one of my best friends suggested me buying house design. Each time I visited him (not quite often, I must say. 150 miles are separating us), I used to be amazed of his home. It looked so beautiful outside and so efficient in its space usage, I was sure he paid architect to design it (and he can sure afford it, trust me). One day, as I told him I wish I could build home like his own, he instantly replied “So go and choose one plan. There are thousands of them. Who do you think designed this house?” At first I couldn’t believe, but when he showed me the blueprints and a website with so many small house designs, I understood that you can use stock home plan to build your dream house, and it’s not just a phrase.The main advantage of getting stock home plans is that they are significantly less expensive than custom home plans. And when I say less expensive, I’m talking about thousands of dollars. Try and look for custom home plan – no architect will charge you less than 5 to 7 thousand dollars, whereas stock home plans would usually cost you no more than $700, and as I always say - small home plan means affordable home plan.Usually you’ll build one house in your life. You want to put all your knowledge, experience and much of your fortune into it. So why don’t you use the experience and knowledge of a professional home designers and architects, that have designed hundreds and thousands of houses, all in a very affordable cost? On my next post, I’ll show more advantages stock home plans have.

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