Friday, December 28, 2007

Stock home plan or unique home plan?

Yes, I also had this dilemma before building my home. On the one hand, I told my self, I can save so much money and time, and I sure needed it. Just a year before, my older brother, Jack, and his wife, Jane, started building their amazing cottage house, using designs made by the architect he hired. And as someone that was close enough and was familiar with all the difficulties, the endless meetings with several architects, explaining him all his needs, until finding the right plan. Paying so much money to them for the designs...I just couldn’t afford it. And on the other hand, I wanted my house to be unique. A small unique home – that what I was looking for. But how can you get unique home plan from companies selling stock home plans?Well, the answer is surprising and simple at the same time Since there are hundreds and thousands off home designs, targeting any feature and demand home builders can think of, there is a very small chance that what you think as the best small home plan will be considered unique for another person.

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